Hi I my name is Cristy and I am a 29 year old Christian female , I have 2 very beautiful children. I have been reading the book about Gianna Jenssen, and how she survived abortion. I had never really thought much about abortion ( if it was right or wrong ) , I guess living in a worldly fantasy that things like that never happened even though you hear about them sometimes on the news .

I live in a small town and as far as I know we don't have a clinic here but that maybe a surprise for me too. I just want to let you know I repremend you and your ministry for trying to standup for such a innocent little being , and as I read through your web site my heart went out to all the little babies as I sat in tears and prayed to God and asking him how cruel could someone be that they would take such a innocent life . I make this promise to you I will have you and the ministry in my prayers everytime I pray and the helpless little ones . I don't understand why they would even choose that to be done when they are good families out there that would love and adore the baby . But yet it gets the death sentence when even some of our worse criminals don't get that .

God bless,