Sent : Friday, September 30, 2005 6:25 PM
To : [email protected]
Subject : RE: Hi Dennis and thank you again

Beloved Elisabeth and the other believers out there in Yahushua,

I'm glad Elisabeth that He won't be coming this year but maybe next year. So that gives me and the people I am helping out, more time to get right with God as never before. :-) I don't feel that afraid and guilty of myself not knowing for sure of how to get saved...and I thank you for that information from the bottom of my heart. Also I'm thankful that Yahushua is telling you personally when He will be coming back specifically and telling that to the believers around the world. WOW

Yes I will keep supporting you because I love you all and I like what you are all doing, even if you are risking your well being. But hey, it's worth it all! I haven't been staying away from the unholy things yet I confess. :-( But that will happen sometime soon shortly. :-) I want to be my week full of work first again based on Isaiah 58. Then I am all set. :-D

I HAVE been staying away from porn, but the lust is still there, but I'm determined to run the race before me and get rid of all the sins (especially the lust stuff) that just won't let go. But we both know that the more someone gets close to YAHUVEH God, the farther that person will get away from him/herself, the flesh, the world, sin, and the devil. I have gotten my work back after a long foolish break. I'm thankful I got it back. I still work at an industrial place (maybe commercial) here in Rockford. I am doing something else then what I was doing at this time last year.

Last year I was a custodian/maintenance man, but praise Yahushua! I found out they had hired a cleaning company to do that for them and not me. :-D But Elisabeth, I am currently looking for 'jobs' to fill in the rest of my week. Working part time means not only not getting enough money (which is not that important for me at the moment), but working only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. :-( But I still have hope. :-) I am looking for jobs whether being paid for it or not, to fill in the missing days except Saturdays yes.

I just want something to do and not stay home in front of the computer, try to purge some bad habits of mine, and working 6 days of the week and resting on day number 7 according to the Torah. I would like to be busy a lot throughout the week and taking it more easy before the Shabbat begins.

You know I have witnessed to my english girlfriend and praise God she believes in pretty much what I have told her. She is on her way in meeting the Spirit of the living God, praise to the King of the jews!! She has filled her week with busyness and I have told her about the Shabbat and I told her to do what she is able to do. Oh Elisabeth....I love her even more because of that. I am hoping that we will meet before the year ends and get married before Chaunakah begins. I told her the story of Chaunakah and she is interested in it. :-) So am I!

I am also hoping that we will have a love story similar to you and Nikomia's..even if it means only a few days left before Yahushua's return. Please you and the other believers pray that she will feel YAHUVEH's strong love and presence. I'm also guiding two teenage girls as well, and so far they are believing what I have told them. But like anything will take some time to put down the roots and grow. Please pray for these girls too.

I care about them very much like a brother and a friend, even though I'm older than them. I'm really hoping I will hear from the teenager from Australia because she has told me her family doesn't really love her anymore. :-( But anyway, she doesn't even have a bible so I told her I will mail her a bible. I have just bought a cheap (but understandable) bible in a christian bookstore here in Rockford. There might be a few more out there that I may be able to preach, and teach the true doctrine of Yahushua before it's too late. :-( I really enjoy admonishing, warning, encouraging, and telling the truth as best as I can to people who would like to know. Souls of individuals out there are so precious and important that I had sacrificed my sleep time for them. This is SO much better than viewing porn late at night!!

I understand what have you been up to, so it's cool. Apology accepted. :-D If I feel led to email you again, I definiately will. I see you have greatly updated the website and I will be reading it sometime.....if it doesn't scare me as much. Much love and appreciation to you all jewish Yahushua believers out there. Shalom and enjoy the High Holy Days.


P.S. Elisabeth tell Nikomia and the rest of the believers with you I said 'hello and much love to you all.' By the way, my girlfriend's name is Nicky from England. She had asked you to pray for her in late August so yeah please do pray for her as well. :-)