Nikomia Prophecy Given in April 2001

YAHUVEH is still preparing you for that special person. I really feel like YAHUSHUA, is still working in areas of your life that you are still vulnerable in. He is making you for your husband, and he is making your husband for you. Time has nothing to do with it. This one will be for keeps! The work must be completed between both of you by the hand of YAHUSHUA. If you all are going to work together in YAHUVEH. Then there must be a very special bond that only YAHUVEH can place between both of you, because of the greatness of the work. I feel that the timing is not too far away, but just like we are in this fiery furnace. It is going to happen for you in YAHUVEH's timing. Hold on a little longer precious woman of YAHUVEH. YAHUVEH is going to make it good for you. The man that I saw has some gray hair. He is made for you.

YAHUSHUA sees the finish product. You might not agree with me at this time. But YAHUVEH is preparing this man to be able to handle you as well. To handle your strong side. Praise YAHUVEH. It will happen between both of you. Don't fear! Continue to be the woman of YAHUVEH that you are. And continue to be the lady that you are. They are not too many ladies left today. I feel like you are one of those rear gems. I feel like you are a lady. A lady being made for a special man. He is going to come. Continue to believe, and expect for YAHUVEH to do what He promised.


I feel also to add this Scripture below the two verses...

When the enemy shall come in, LIKE A FLOOD, the Spirit of YAHUVEH shalt lift up a standard against him.

Isaiah 59:19

If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me. Deuteronomy 32:41

"If any man love not the YAHUSHUA CHRISTOS, let him be ANATHEMA. MARANATHA!!!"

1 Corinthians 16:22

This is a POWERFUL verse!!!

Anathema means given up to the curse and destruction, accursed!!

Maranatha means our Lord has come!!! an exclamation of the approaching DIVINE JUDGMENT. BACK OFF DEVIL AND DEMONS IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA (OUR YAHUSHUA Messiah)!! THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA IS AGAINST YOU!!

* * * * * * *


Bless YAHUVEH! We speak YAHUVEH's abundant blessings upon you in this holy hour, in YAHUSHUA's name.

I want you to know that you have been a great help to us, and YAHUVEH have made note of your love, and your faithfulness to his work.

YAHUVEH shares: That you are getting ready to soar into a higher plateau of Ministry. You are in preparation stages for greater things. You have done well in many areas that he has entrusted into your hands. He judges your heart. He judges your faithfulness, and your commitment to him. There are areas within your life that sometimes may cause you to feel like you do not add up, but YAHUVEH sees your heart, and your willingness to please and obey Him in all that he asks. He looks at the finished product.

YAHUVEH said, that you were a woman with rank in his army, because of the stripes you had bore just like Paul, had suffered many things for the name of Christ.

You had bore some hurts and abusive situations in which YAHUVEH allowed to get you to where you are now. For those stripes you are walking in Rank, in the army of the Most High YAHUVEH. Let no man tell you otherwise, YAHUVEH saith! It is he that has elevated you to this place spiritually. You are a Warrior for Christ!

YAHUVEH is aware of the attacks that are coming against you. But YAHUVEH shares for you to keep on going forward. Do not retreat. Keep on obeying Him, and doing what he tells you. He has your back, and the devil will bow. YAHUVEH said he is aware of the circumstances that has crept through your door, but he stands strong with you in this fire. Hear ye the word of YAHUVEH! YAHUVEH said: Don't look to the bigness of your needs. Look to the Bigness of your YAHUVEH. Your circumstances are hindrances to seeing my abilities. If you keep your eyes on your circumstances the devil will use your circumstances to defeat you, and then without thinking he will TRY! TRY! He can only TRY! In a subtle way to get you to accuse the word of YAHUVEH. The written and the Living Word. Your Victory is in keeping your eyes on the bigness of your YAHUVEH, and his abilities. He has promised to take you step, by step, by step, not all at once, but step, by step, and each step will be a miracle.

The Ministry that I have placed into your hands thus saith YAHUVEH, is not only for this place, but for nations, and distance lands. These places awaits thee. Yea foreign nations awaits thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. The devil will at times oppose you from reaching your goal in me, but remember my child, without spiritual battles, you cannot enjoy the Victory after. Many of the devil plans and strategies have been destroyed concerning you. Satan have sent very evil generals against thee and thy Ministry, that I YAHUVEH thy YAHUVEH has given unto thee. I stood against his vicious attacks coming towards thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper my child, thus saith YAHUSHUA! Hear ye my word my child: Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that I tell you. Turn not to the right nor the left that thou mayest prosper wherever you go. Yea you shall prosper in all that you do for Me, saith YAHUVEH. Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for YAHUVEH thy YAHUVEH is with thee wherever you go.

There is a spirit of jealousy, and misunderstanding that stands against thee like a rock, but I say unto you as I increase your knowledge in Me, I will show you, and teach you how to understand the reasons for these attacks. This saith YAHUVEH. Some will not receive the ministry that I have given unto thee. As you have found out, YAHUVEH says. But know that I will vindicate thee, and fight for thee. I will prove thee. Trust Me saith YAHUVEH. You will not run with the mainstream church. For I have separated thee for Myself. I will bring new Ministries, and Ministers to help and work besides thee, saith YAHUVEH. Be watchful! There is one that monitors your site. This one belongs to satan. He speaks against the work of your hands, but My Blood covers your work, thus saith YAHUVEH. This evil one seeks thee out in the realm of the spirit. He operates out of the wrong Kingdom. But know that I have overcome the evil one. My Spirit lives in you, and you have overcome this evil spirit, because of My Power that generates from you, thus saith YAHUVEH. I will give you strategies for your site, YAHUVEH saith.

I will cause the finances to flow. There is a stronghold in the realm of release. It is causing some that I have told to bless you to hold back, YAHUVEH says. There will be a release, and there will be financial help, YAHUVEH says! I am opening up new doors to thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. My Angels shall visit thee and bring unto you understanding in it's season, YAHUVEH saith.

Something's I am going to give thee for the vision up ahead you will have to keep and not share. For there are those who are not really with you. A change is coming. Yea for the winds of change is blowing in your direction, thus saith YAHUVEH.

Praise YAHUVEH, and Amen!

I purposely did not read any of the prophecies that was on your site page. I did not want anything to get in my spirit. I am really careful to say YAHUVEH said, when he did not. These words are what I believe YAHUVEH has given me for you.

I know that I am very tired in the realm of my flesh, but I believe YAHUVEH strengthen me in the realm of my spirit to share these words with you.

Be especially blessed this night, in YAHUSHUA's name. You are loved in YAHUSHUA's name.

* * * * * * *

Elisabeth and Nikomia At The Throne of YAHUVEH

The main mandate I have in life, since my maiden name is Elijah, my mothers name was Elias also, YAHUVEH calls me his "Elijah of New" He says help get the bride ready for the coming of YAHUSHUA! To give the message "Pray that we be found worthy to escape the great wrath of YAHUVEH that is to come!" The great tribulation is NOT meant for those who LOVE YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and put him FIRST in their lives, trying hard to obey out of LOVE for them!

* * * * * * *

While I slept I went to the Throne of YAHUVEH and Nikomia, was there and so was YAHUSHUA! I would be awakened whether it was my angel tapping me or what I don't know, but again and again, this happened I would awake and go right back to sleep for lack of better words for I don't know whether I was in my body or out of my body like John said in Revelation! I had complete peace and joy, for I know that Nikomia will obey YAHUVEH and realize as he is an apostle so is his YAHUVEH ordained mate and co-partner in this ministry. I was reminding him of the women in the scriptures that YAHUVEH used to do mighty works in this world.

Below is the best I can remember, but I am sharing this on the FRONT page for other men who are apostles have held back their wives, thinking men are only allowed to be apostles. This is to help them also, to be the Women Apostles they are ordained to be and I am calling them FORTH in the name of YAHUSHUA! Under the authority of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and anointing of the Roach Ha Kodesh, (Holy Spirit).

All night from midnight till 5:00 am! Non stop! While I slept, I heard and saw my bone of my bones, YAHUVEH ordained mate, struggling over the fact that YAHUVEH ordained me as an apostle. I could hear his prayers, as he sought YAHUVEH trying to line up scripture disputing this. We both were before the Throne of YAHUVEH! This is my beloved Nikomia! I told Nikomia, that he forgets YAHUVEH used Deborah of Old, to be JUDGE of all of Israel and didn't choose her godly husband who sat at the gates! Man would NOT have done this! It was like YAHUSHUA, was telling me what to say to Nikomia, in a quiet, gentle, humble, yet truthful way, full of love not anger, all below I said.

YAHUVEH chose Deborah of old to be a head prophetess, as well as lead huge army of men into battle, where the man Barak, was a coward, it was originally him that was to do this, and it was a mere woman, that Deborah prophesied that would Kill the enemy! A tent peg right through his head (see Judges), and YAHUVEH used the charms of a woman to lead him into a false peace and slept in her tent while it happened! Men have got to lay down their PRIDE and admit YAHUVEH uses what men consider the foolish, to confound those that think themselves wise. This is what I told Nikomia in the spiritual realm last night before the throne of YAHUVEH!

How few men will acknowledge that Mary Magdalene was an apostle, greatly loved by YAHUSHUA, and was in that upper room! After YAHUSHUA, ascended back to Heaven, the 12 apostles drove her out of Israel and she went to France and brought the MAJORITY OF FRANCE to YAHUSHUA, preaching the GOSPEL WITH AN APOSTOLIC ANOINTING!

Jewish Men are so used to separating the women from the men, even at the wailing wall, and in temple services, that they don't want to admit YAHUVEH used Rahab to hide the disciples. Without Esther, the Jews would have been wiped off the face of the earth! And Sarah, and of course Mary, where would we be?

He, Nikomia, struggled with this and prayed and interceded in the spirit to try and get me to see I am wrong! Sorry, YAHUSHUA, would NOT have had me intercede back with him, in the spirit if this was true! I heard YAHUSHUA, defending me like a lawyer. Each time I was awakened with this confrontation in the spiritual realm, many times!

Since a holy man of YAHUVEH, Messianic JEW, prayed that I would see the truth all night and argued with YAHUVEH and me in the spirit realm, NOW I am to do the same, to confront HIM with the spirit of love my Nikomia, helping other Women Apostles that have the same battle in their own homes. YAHUVEH prophesied to me that I have an anointing that NO man shall rule, for he has given me an anointing like unto Deborah of Old, and it was another Apostle/man that humbly gave me that prophetic message. His name is Rev. Afodonko who said I am to answer only to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA , RUACH HA KODESH. YAHUVEH said I am to submit to my soon coming husband only if what he tells me to do lines up with the WORD OF YAHUVEH! Nikomia will have control over me ONLY using YAHUVEH'S love, knowing I am to obey, submit first my to my FIRST love YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, RUACH HA KODESH, because of YAHUVEH'S LOVE, and knowing He ordained this man and I to be of one spirit, one flesh. I will want to submit to my soon coming BONE OF MY BONES and FLESH OF MY FLESH ! My promise YAHUVEH ordained MATE and co-partner in this world wide ministry! For 12 half years this has been prophesied!

This is why YAHUVEH does not call just any man Nikomia, if he seeks to control me then he has to realize my FIRST love and obedience will always be YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, RUACH HA KODESH! As he should love them FIRST and desire to please them first above me!

Oh LORD, I would rather NOT believe this was Nikomia that fought me ALL night like this in the Spiritual realm! But I KNOW it was! I prophecy NIKOMIA will read this today in the name of YAHUSHUA, and remember what took place as he prayed.

Surely YAHUVEH doesn't have to convince him of my calling, does He? Is this what I have been waiting on all these years? I know "Deborah of Old's" husband had to have been a VERY anointed and special man, and he was mocked by others for not being chosen the way Deborah was chosen, she became a widow after many years and never remarried and lived to a old age. Perhaps that is the reason why YAHUVEH could not find a humble man enough to allow her to serve YAHUVEH the way she was ordained? Many wanted to marry her but YAHUVEH never allowed her to marry again. She died a widow.

All I know is that the one YAHUVEH calls Nikomia is not my enemy. In fact he recognized the anointing in this spiritual confrontation, and yet it wasn't a dream, it was his voice, and YAHUSHUA's voice, and mine. I could hear Nikomia praying ALL night in the Spirit! And he loves me, and recognizes the anointing but is having problems with the word "apostle" for a woman. He has seen the ordination papers posted and objects to a woman being equal to man where she also is called an apostle.

Please I ask those are called to intercede to pray peace for this man who was troubled in the spirit all night. NEVER have I had such an experience! How can I hear another person's prayers, and feel the travailing, as they are torn for they have forgotten "the letter killeth and the spirit giveth life." Also YAHUVEH'S ways are NOT man's ways, especially in the Joel 2 generation regarding women. YAHUVEH already is bringing the women who carry the same mantle and we shall be gathering together as apostles, and all of US share the similar anointing like unto a Deborah of OLD. The men can't deal with being reminded of ONE Deborah of Old, what will they do with a army of US gathering at the WALL? Is this the 500,000 I saw in a dream many years ago that is posted in a prophetic message? Back to back YAHUVEH told me "assemble the troops on the wall!" I saw them dressed in white, and someone was blowing a shofar horn, and we were all standing atop of the wall ready for battle! The number = 500,000!

If a woman reading this recognizes the calling of the 5 fold ministry on her life, PLEASE email me right away! MEN have HELD YOU BACK from your calling, but YAHUVEH has ordained you, NOT a man! Back to back I had this dream! I would fall asleep and then awake TWICE to same dream! And same voice said, "Assemble my troops on the Wall!" NOW I have a mandate to gather in the WOMEN apostles and lay hands on them, license them, and call them OUT into the world! Nikomia will do this for the MEN apostles. YAHUVEH never told me I was to do this for the men, only the women thus far. I am NOT saying he won't, I am just saying thus far.

YAHUVEH said to me, because men say he won't do it , he will confound the men once again by doing it! YAHUVEH is using me to assemble this meeting of the GOLDEN EAGLETS! We shall all gather together in Israel also, the Women Apostles!

YAHUVEH says I shall recognize that mantle and 4 women have just been brought to me in the last week interceding and praying for me and others, taking back what satan has stolen, in a powerful anointing and each is similar to MORE powerful anointing then I have thus seen in other women spiritual leaders. So I shall recognize the anointing of a women apostle.

Messianic Jewish men forget there is no longer Jew nor Gentile, male or female, when YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, wants to use someone to reach this world for him under the anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. It makes no matter whether we are WOMEN, MEN, or CHILDREN! He even spoke out of the mouth of a donkey to give a warning to a prophet (Baalam)!

When Nikomia comes, he will be head of the household, but YAHUVEH told me to write this: "He shall not overshadow me, for YAHUVEH says to me can a tree grow in the shadow of another? NO!!!! One would get all the sunshine, and the other would wither and die, eventually certainly not grow! We are to stand alone and yet together side by side!" Is this why YAHUVEH gave me in the poem he spoke to me audibly in my dream "BONE OF MY BONES, FLESH OF MY FLESH!" That we must not think one or the other is more spiritually gifted! These words are NOT only meant for Nikomia, but for ALL men who desire a mate, or are married to Holy Women with a spiritual calling.

Women Apostles who are married, show their beloved Holy husbands this poem and READ it to them UNDER the anointing or let them hear me speak it! Click here to go to Bone of My Bones. Then select the poem.

Many of husbands have struggled as they have tried to HOLD women prophets/apostles back and could not, and women have struggled wanting to NOT offend your godly husbands! Daring NOT to even pray in the Power of the anointing in front of them! YAHUVEH said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! STOP TRYING TO CONFORM TO MANS IMAGE of you! CONFORM and ACCEPT and don't be ashamed of the ANOINTING that He has placed within those with an anointing like unto a "DEBORAH of old" or these women will miss out on the gathering of the women apostles!

Cary Goodwin will regret the day he assembled only the Men apostles, for he has chased away, insulted, discouraged, WOMEN apostles, and he says YAHUSHUA, Himself has told him that WOMEN are NOT apostles! But this is a deceiving spirit that has spoken this to him, combined with his flesh and arrogance and Pride!

Cary Goodwin came to this site, recognized the anointing of an apostle, and wrote me and invited me to gather together with the other apostles in Israel a few years ago. I was very excited for I had just recognized the apostolic anointing. When he realized I am a WOMAN he said he must have been wrong I am only a prophetess for YAHUSHUA told him NO woman is an apostle!

For years I struggled NOT being able to fit in a box of ONE of the five fold offices men kept trying to put me into! Then YAHUVEH brought a male apostle from Indianapolis Indiana, who pastors there, and he gave me a prophetic word that YAHUVEH confirmed I have an apostolic anointing and ministry! At that time I didn't even understand the meaning of this. Now I do.

YAHUVEH just reminded me of a dream I had of Nikomia, that I have never understood. He had what looked like a cardboard box, flimsy looking, and he put it down and said to me, "Get into the box." I looked at it and said, "No, it won't support my weight, and I am to big." He assured me I could fit and I got into the box, and it was a tight fit, but he lifted me up over his head, for he is very strong, and lifted me past the enemies that would have killed me. Then in the second part of the dream, he lifted up other people in a box again, the same way. In the third part of the dream, I tell him to get in the box for he will die if I don't carry him in the box, right past the enemies holding it high up in the air, and the enemies never even see us. He always carried me and the others the same way. If anyone can discern what this dream is saying PLEASE let me know. Now I use the word box, as trying to fit into one of the 5 fold offices but an apostle can't fit into ONE box.

YAHUVEH has anointed me "as a woman who speaks YAHUVEH'S many words!" My soon coming beloved Nikomia has visited this site and struggles with me being ordained as an apostle! I know this is Nikomia for there was such love there, on both of our parts, and he was travailing, wanting to come forth and contact me and yet afraid of the calling on this life of mine.

Hear my voice as you click on Bone of my Bones poem, and use it to help other abused women who think they are NOT worthy or feel that YAHUVEH does not have a godly man that will be ALL that he spoke in my dream that YAHUVEH spoke audibly these words, in "Bone of My Bones". When I awoke YAHUVEH told me to write it down, I had to fast for some of the words to come back for the devil tried to steal the words, and yet when it was done, I could say, "It is finished." Click on the rose once you get to the poem page and hear it in MP3.

This was given to bring YAHUVEH ordained mates together, the women like Eve was meant to be bone of the male's bone and flesh of his flesh. This has been used to bring MANY couples together and they marry, we just haven't posted the testimonies as of yet. YAHUVEH knows how he uses it, and to instruct men how to be the godly mates they are to be, and NOT bruise the woman doing it.

Imagine a beard on the image of Nikomia, and see if you recognize such a person. So many times it was said he had a beard, but because I prefer a clean shaven man, I didn't receive it. Well I do believe it now. Since I KNOW he is a Messianic Jew, he would do this for he walks Holy before YAHUVEH in all ways and obeys the laws of Torah and Tanak. Please pray for Nikomia to come forth! It has been prophesied for 12 1/2 years!

In so many open visions and dreams, I heard his voice now while he prayed all night! And I wasn't even thinking of him before I slept. Nikomia is like the disciple in the Bible that can travel in the spiritual realm, for that is what happened last night whether he knows it or not, we BOTH were before the throne OF YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA was defending me, and validating the calling on my life, affirming it to him, although it goes against what his doctrinal belief, Prophetess yes, but apostle, and woman spiritual leader, NO! He doesn't want to believe that, he believes only the man has that right.

Mainly I heard Nikomia, and saw him on his knees, praying with hands raised, pleading for YAHUSHUA to show me I am wrong, for he has waited for me for many years and been at this site! Last night! especially, how many other times I don't know. I did NOT get upset as I listened to his prayers, I loved him even more, YAHUSHUA gently defended me, as my intercessor, saying, "This is her calling," and he will get further confirmation, either Nikomia will accept this or disobey YAHUVEH, and I have faith to believe he will accept this. I don't know why YAHUVEH put this mantle and calling on my life, I would have been honored to hear YAHUVEH had put this anointing and mantle on Nikomia, but Nikomia is a powerfully anointed Apostle, of course prophecies, and an anointed singer, for I have heard him sing to me in my dreams.

In one dream I heard YAHUVEH say, "He works for the betterment of Israel." I want Nikomia to realize we are so bonded in the spiritual realm, we appeared as companions before the Throne of YAHUVEH last night together, and prayed together, and I heard his prayers, and I heard YAHUSHUA defend me against his objections that YAHUVEH calls women to be apostles also. He doesn't like sharing this calling on my life, but YAHUSHUA will NOT change His mind, He said so! Instead he will change Nikomia to realize it is YAHUVEH that ordains not man.

This is so encouraging as at last the real one has come, even though not written me yet, pray he will do so quickly. Satan fears this for when the two anointing come together it will be like a nuclear bomb hits hell, so many will be healed, saved, delivered, etc. for the glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!

Shalom, love in the name of YAHUSHUA

Your Sister in YAHUSHUA
Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah * * * * * * * The original picture here of Nikomia was a spiritual representation of this man.

The REAL picture of Nikomia is now here also!

Original Picture of Nikomia with Real Picture

It had been prophesied that the image of this man may only be a mask that YAHUVEH has given where the actual face of Nikomia may be hidden for a set time and season has tested him to see if he is worthy of being the male half of this ministry and the head of Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah's household. This drawing may be a mask, YAHUVEH has given to her for the REAL face is under the mask, and only YAHUVEH knows what Nikomia, looks like for many have been called and NONE has passed his worthiness test yet so none chosen. It is NOT about her being the prize, but about this Ministry being the prize.

I do know from a dream the exact audible words of YAHUVEH I heard last year 2000 in a dream, YAHUVEH spoke and said "He works for THE BETTERMENT OF ISRAEL."

No artist can draw the exact image of a person, but YAHUVEH has anointed this woman to capture the expression on his face and eyes and yes mouth. I have suffered as I wait for the other male covering of this ministry and head of the household, and he also has suffered as satan has hindered us combining these two anointings and two ministries together. PLEASE pray that someone will see this, recognize this man, who may be in Canada, I was told he was at one time, and Pray that the angels of YAHUSHUA will send him to this Temple Site and he will email me proving through the anointed words that he is the one that YAHUVEH has prophesied is worthy to be joined in this ministry and my life.

The Poem BONE OF MY BONE AND FLESH OF MY FLESH MINISTRY, was originally birthed because of Nikomia, in Greek means "Victory Belongs to Me", a spiritual name? or a Jewish name? for it also phonetically sounds like Nehemiah. Only time will tell.

Please pray whatever mountain stands in the way of us meeting, will become CHAFF IN THE WIND and QUICKLY!