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Golden Nest Prophecy 2.6.2002

I see golden nest and it is very wide and it is in high place in the Spirit. Then I saw the eagles gathering and become one great eagle. As this happen many great anointing come forth from the throne room. I saw many kinds of eagles from all over. Then I saw a great river of wisdom flowing through the land. And many people are coming drink of this river. Every one drinks of this river become wise. So many new nests came forth from one nest all over the World. I then saw these nests they were as the same as the golden nest. They were in high places in the Spirit and many eagles gather there.

Then I again saw the golden nest and then I saw around it many other nests that were arms of the first nest, the golden nest. I saw a training nest. A prayer Nest, and a worship nest.

Then I saw around each nest the ones around the World. Many people gather to see the eagles. These people brought with them live food for the eagles. So there were food for every eagle and more for those who will come.

Then I saw again the golden nest and grow larger and the support of nest grow bigger then the nest itself. I saw great numbers of eagles fly in and out. I saw greater number of people then I saw with other nest. And they give live food allot of food was brought in. Also I saw many other things given to this gathering of Eagles.

Then [YAHUVEH] the Lord said it is about to begin, get ready the time has come.

Grace and Power,
Rev. Elvis D. Iverson

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