Gary's Dream About The Red Plague!

June, 2006

My husband, Gary, came to me today telling me that he dreamed of the coming Red Plague. YAHUVEH told him that it IS coming and coming VERY SOON! Gary had no clue that this had already been prophesied and so I knew it was from YAHUVEH.

He dreamed of the red mist coming from the sky and people were running hysterically everyone trying to get away from it, but there was nothing they could do. Once it touched them, it was too late and it would begin to make them sick and then ultimately eat their flesh til there was nothing left. Gary said, we were watching all this in the dream and when he saw the red mist coming our way, he yelled for YAHUSHUA and it did not touch us.

YAHUVEH said audibly in the dream....Beware, for the red plague IS coming soon and very soon! Many warnings were given and were NOT heeded. The people WILL see that I, YAHUVEH AM also a GOD of wrath.

I believe ha Satan tried to silence us so that we would not tell what YAHUVEH has warned! We had our other ferrets out playing and suddenly there was a banging at the door. We couldn't open the door until we had the ferrets spotted and safe from escaping outside.

When we finally got the door open, a fire was blazing on our porch. Somehow a big easy chair we had sitting out there had caught on fire! We would have never known had YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA had not been protecting us!!! There was NO damage to our home at all!



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