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The Portal To Hell Dream
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A Dream of a Portal with demons coming out given to our young prophet son. [ Elisabeth and Nikomia ]

Our beloved son PROPHET BOY ELIJAH who just turned 15 years old had a dream of the rapture when he was 12 years old. This dream should bring relief to those who have pets and wondered what would happen to the pets. I feel led by the RUACH HAKODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) to release this dream again. It was originally given to him on Jan.1,2000 and being released again March 27,2003

The HOLY SPIRIT did NOT just give him the dream for our benefit but for the WHOLE BODY OF YAHUSHUA in Greek his name is called JESUS CHRIST to discern. If anyone can help us discern the full meaning of this dream PLEASE email me asap at Contact Us">Contact Us.


He said it was in the New Year of 2000, it will be on a January 1st, but he doesn't know which year in the years of 2000. There was celebration going on. He does say a portal will open up and it was opened up a thousand years ago also and brought MUCH death.

Every 1,000 years this portal opens up and brings destruction and death. This is the LAST time the portal will be opened.

He saw a portal in the sky, bluish in color, where demons were coming out of it. They had claws that could cut cement and killed many people. The voice said "The demons came because earth is so old now and they can easily get through the opening of the portal".

The sun is older than we think, so is this world. The sun was ready to explode because of old age. The stars were falling because of old age, the planets were old, the trees, everything in the world was old and the sky looked like it was cracking in pieces. People did not have a chance against the demon creatures, all they could do is RUN. Weapons did not hurt these demons.

He saw the GODLY people belonging to YAHUSHUA get hit by what looked like a white beam of light and turned us into a gold ball then as we traveled through space we turned into our glorified bodies with wings already prepared for HEAVEN. This happens really fast, he said, but YAHUVEH slowed it down so he could see. The pets we have at our house were taken up to Heaven also with a PINK beam of light coming out of Heaven. The same thing happened to them. He saw his oldest cat turn YOUNG as the beam hit it.

Then the dream flashed back before creation on earth.

A white beam came out of the sky and killed ALL the demons and covered the earth with water. All life was gone on earth before the water covered the earth. He saw the same white beam of light point and the water separated and where ever the white beam hit there was new trees, ground, stars, LIFE again.

This boy did not know that at one time water covered the earth before Adam and Eve. I told him how the earth was formed in 6 days and the seventh day YAHUVEH rested (Sabbath) how YAHUVEH says a day is as a thousand years...and the 6 days would make this earth 6,000 years old.

----- End of dream -----

Comments, Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah:

I believe this dream means YAHUVEH is warning us to GET ready for the portal to HELL opened 3 years ago.

This is a time when the warmongers are calling the peace makers traitors or anti-American. We must stay close to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, because if we don't these demons sent from hell, also called the bottomless pit, will destroy all those not covered in the shed blood of YAHUSHUA. This young boy who was 12 at the time of the dream and is now 15 years old is warning US this world will come to an end as we know it, sometime in the year 2000. If YAHUVEH doesn't delay Judgment on this corrupt, sinful earth this will happen as prophesied. A few days ago in another dream he saw a sign that said 2036 and it was knocked down and the world looked like a fire had burned up everything. NO life was around that he could see.

The main leaders are demon possessed and it has never been more clear then now. Diabolical weapons of warfare, physical, biological, chemical and man made diseases and viruses are being loosed all over the world. This is a time when evil is spoken of as good, and good spoken of as evil.

Look UP, our REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH for those who worship and obey and live holy before YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! May I encourage you to share this dream with others to encourage them.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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