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Garden of Eden Dome Dream
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My son had a dream about the garden of Eden. He saw the Garden of Eden, and it is under Jerusalem. Dream was 11/14/01. Please email me if you have additional information, i.e., the interpretation. More interpretation at bottom from a Prophetess.

[ Partial interpretation in brackets ] 

Dream starts...

He sees the dome of the rock. He sees underground his vision sees down past metal pipes, bones, very very far down and it was like he was a camera and he could see underground and all of a sudden it stops. He sees a gigantic dome with the garden of Eden inside of it . Two gigantic angels are inside with wings spread and they are holding the dome closed so the garden of Eden cannot be entered even if found. There is a force field that the angels create to make sure the dome stays closed .The dome itself is like the force field.

[The Garden of Eden, a perfect environment created by YAHUVEH for His people. It has been hidden since the fall of man, in a figurative sense, because nothing like it has existed on earth since then. When Satan took control of this planet, becoming the "god of this world," our planet has been under a curse. The forces being controlled by the devil have used inventions meant to make this planet a Garden of Eden again to instead kill and destroy. So the garden being hidden and guarded by angels indicates something being held back from man until the right time. It could not exist now because it would be defiled by the curse upon this world.]

There are so many animals and plants that my son never saw before.

[The earth will be replenished with all the animals and plants that first existed plus many more we have never heard of nor seen.]

There are two men one looks about 900 years old and has a long white beard, the other looks about 20 years old, and both wear Yamaka's and despite the age they both look the same minus the beard and the age. Same eyes, nose, expression. He is guessing about the exact age. He wondered if it was Noah for some reason. These men speak in a strange language to each other, maybe Hebrew. My son could understand these words "HE IS COMING" how he understood this language he doesn't know. He thinks it could be Hebrew. 

[The Garden of Eden is symbolized by these two men as something very old and something very new.]

The men stopped talking , the dome started shaking underground it started raising up to the surface through the bones and pipes then it started coming to the surface and lifted up the building of the dome of the rock. Then he saw the building of the dome of the rock explode and instead now stands the Dome of the garden of Eden in Jerusalem.

[This is a LITERAL explosion as well as a symbolic one. The PLO will blow up the Dome of the Rock sometime in the future, blame it on the Israeli government, and use it as an excuse to start a war. Arafat let the plans for this slip out during an interview on CNN. When he realized what he had said, he took off his mic, stood up and left the studio. This explosion symbolically represents the removal of these violent people who have been struggling against YAHUVEH's people and the heralding in of peace. That the Dome of the Rock is seen right over the Garden symbolizes how the enemy of God's people have been suppressing peace, but it will be removed soon.]

People were staring at it and the force field lifted and the angels went to the entrance so no one could get through. The gigantic angels held 2 flaming swords to prevent anyone coming into the Garden of Eden. But The plants started getting bigger and the vines came out of the dome and started shooting through Jerusalem , plants grew everywhere and hundreds of animals multiplied inside the Dome of the Garden of Eden. My son says the angels yelled something when this was happening HAKERA is what it sounded like hock her a short ah ... and lots of people saw a bright flash in the sky, some people disappeared and reappeared inside the Dome of the Garden of the Eden from around the world. The force field reappeared on the the Dome of the Garden of Eden then it shot into the sky, taking all that love YAHUSHUA /JESUS with them. Then he saw Heaven and the people exited the Dome of the Garden of Eden. 

[The new Garden of Eden is Heaven.]

This young boy is 13 years old and still prefers to call YAHUSHUA Jesus, so I have included that spelling for this reason alone. 

More from a Prophetess...

Prayed about it and YAHUSHUA told me that to look in Revelation chapters 20-22 and Chapter 4.  Not only that I went back into the millennium dream a month or 2 ago, and they are similar...So what does this mean?

While doing this, I was hearing audibly from YAHUSHUA, here's the audible.

The Garden of Eden is the seed for the New Jerusalem.  The dome of the Rock was built knowing what is underground.  The angels guarding the Garden of Eden,  that the abomination of desolation will come there (the dome) first and try to find it.  He knows that he couldn't find it so he bankroll the campaign to destroy the dome. 

The 2 men are symbolic of the 2 witnesses and also the 2 messengers that believed to come near the return of Messiah, YAHUSHUA.  I am hearing Him say Moses and Elijah on this.

The people disappearing ended up in the dome in Eden.  Is it symbolic of another audible word that was given to you Sherrie?  For I'm hearing the words: first one rapture another for those that I love.  Is this is the real rapture?  For everyone appeared here and bolted to heaven.

Also this is also again physical and symbolic of the restraint of the Ruach HaKodesh.  For once the bride is taken out of the world, then the tribulation and the antichrist will be revealed.

The Garden is kept holy because it is a holy seed of the Heavenly Jerusalem and remember, the New Jerusalem is the abode of the redeemed. 

This is all that was given for now, if there is additional, I'll send it to you.  I'll post the dream to some Yahoo groups and  to see more interpretations of it.


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