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Tribulation Warning:
All Water Turns to Ice
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A Young Prophet Boy, age 10, had dream on Nov. 14, 1998

I saw me and my family and I saw ocean water in the faucets and bathtubs and water cooler and every time you touched it you would FREEZE into ICE. I saw cars that were driving on road then the sewers broke open and the car went backwards spinning out of control and the people turned to ICE. Even the washing machine had OCEAN WATER and if you touched it you would FREEZE to DEATH! The end of all I could remember. 

If anyone has interpretation of this dream please Contact Us">email me, Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah. 

Is another ICE AGE heading towards earth? I don't believe this young one and the family will be here during this time. A prophet must speak forth things even if they are not alive at that time. We see and report the future! I believe this young one as well as the family will be caught away with YAHUSHUA Messiah! 

Warning to those who want and claim that YAHUSHUA will not rescue his beloved Bride from times such as these! Be ready for YAHUSHUA Messiah coming, no matter when He comes for His Bride! Don't worry about going in the counterfeit rapture for that is for Satan's kids, it can’t touch YAHUSHUA Messiah’s Bride! Beware of putting labels on yourself, such as Pre-, Mid- or Post-Trib. You will have what you speak and believe! The power is in your faith and mouth! So beware! 

As for Pastor Sherrie Elijah, I live each day as though it is my last day on earth! Grieving each day that YAHUSHUA Messiah doesn't come! He is the LOVE of my LIFE and when I ask YAHUSHUA why should I continue to go into debt with this ministry? When I am leaving earth so shortly. He said to me what I say to all of you now… 

"Occupy until I come." Keep doing what you are called to do. Those of you who are waiting for a special time to serve YAHUSHUA…you have been deceived! Do what you are going to do for YAHUSHUA Messiah today! Stop procrastinating, for tomorrow may be too late. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to give to a ministry speaking forth these messages, then you are being deceived by waiting. You know the devil didn't want this message preached! So it must be the Holy Ghost leading you to help spread this message! 

I am not telling you to give to ministries that have abundance overflowing with excess so they can live in mansions and have salary's of the wealthy! Beware where you planted your seed you will be held accountable for! Some of you I have called out of the churches who worship worldliness and all it represents! Yet you heard my voice and deafen your ears! You sit in these churches and I allow you to be led astray! No longer will I plead with you to come out of the houses Of Jezebel and Ahab! Instead I will allow you to lose your souls while you call upon me and yet do not even know Me! Bring souls to YAHUSHUA Messiah. That is the greatest work anyone can do! Use your mouth and finances to preach the Gospel! 

Even my credit cards are used for YAHUSHUA Messiah's Glory ! Don't hold anything back! What you hold back you are putting first before YAHUSHUA! Making it your god! Where you have your faith in is who you are making a god! Almighty YAHUVEH knows your heart! He will remember this when times get hard! I do not worry about whether I will starve or go homeless in the future. For now I am giving my all and YAHUSHUA told me "be faithful in small things and I will give you more." Isn't it better to go into debt for the sake of preaching the Gospel than for a luxury like a new car, or home? 

What will you say when you face Almighty YAHUVEH? What will you say when he says I gave you a job and supplied your needs, why didn't you help that ministry when you felt me tug at you for that ministers sake? Will you say, "But Lord, I had taxes to pay! But Lord I have furniture payments to make. But Lord, I have credit card debt. But Lord, I have the mortgage to pay." When it comes time that you no longer have the paper currency or the job and you are hungry and homeless and cry out for mercy from YAHUSHUA. 

Don't be surprised when you hear, "But my son and daughter, were you faithful to Me when I told you to help that minister burdened down with debt for preaching the gospel of YAHUSHUA Messiah? Speaking forth my prophetic messages? Did you shrug your shoulders and say let someone else help ease the load on that pastors shoulders You have better things to do with your paper currency! And now I tell you this I have something better to do with my mercy it shall go for those who gave everything for the sake of the kingdom of Heaven! These are the ones I will hear when they cry out to me for mercy! As they showed mercy so to I will show mercy! Prove today which Elohim you serve! While there is yet time! Do you serve mammon or Baal ? Or do you serve YAHUSHUA Messiah? Prove it now while there is yet time, and you will not see the righteous forsaken or your seed out begging for bread! 'Thou shall have NO other Gods before me.' One of ten commandments."

Think about this and pray about this! As for this pastor, I have given all to the work of YAHUSHUA Messiah to preach the Good News, "Repent, for the Kingdom of YAHUVEH is at hand." Get ready for a shock, Gabriel has blown the horn! The sound waves have been blocked thus far, but only for a short time! YAHUSHUA Messiah is on the way! Will you be ready? Are you asleep or awake waiting for Him? 

You can't say this prophet has not warned you! You cannot say this pastor/apostle has not given all to speak these messages forth! You can never dream of the price I pay daily! Satan raises up evil people on this earth, one woman especially, to try and hinder and she fights against Almighty YAHUVEH Himself, the Alpha & Omega! Not a woman! For this ministry is not named after Sherrie, but Almighty YAHUVEH Himself! Whatever persecution I suffer is worth it for its all for the glory of YAHUSHUA Messiah. Souls are getting saved daily! Especially with that ugly seed on the Hell site, a song called "Citizen in Hell," a vision I saw and a song given to me sung right now in Hell! But that ugly seed is bringing forth beautiful fruit called SALVATION! Praise you YAHUSHUA for the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost which is drawing souls into YAHUSHUA Messiah’s loving arms! The fruit of this ministry is good and I praise YAHUSHUA, He uses it for His Glory Alone! "Look up, our redemption draweth nigh." The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come YAHUSHUA Messiah, come quickly!


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