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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005

Hi. My name is Ashley and the 17th of this month I am getting an abortion, I have really thought about the pros and cons of the situation. I am only 15 years old,no job,no car, no way of taking care of another living thing. It really is killing me b/c I hate the fact of killing something thats apart of me!! I really dont want to but I dont want my baby to have a bad and poor life.I cant bare for my child to have a horrible crappy life. I want it to have a better life. I am 3-4 weeks now. I am just worried my mom is already having money trouble and so is the father of my baby is too and hes only 15 and doesnt have a job and just started high school and I did too. And me and my babys dad arent together any more and dont really intend to get back together and I have another b/f. I thought I would just wirte b/c you wated to hear from anyone. Well I would love to hear from you soon.


Elisabeth's response Please pray Ashley did not have that abortion. Sept.17, 2005 has past and I never heard back from her. However YAHUSHUA told me to post her email along with my email and the anointing in what I was told to write would stop others who read it from getting abortions. Please email me anyone who is contemplating on getting an abortion, I will post your need before the Congregation of the world and prayer changes things and someone Holy I believe will offer to adopt that baby.

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Sent : Tuesday, September 6, 2005 1:54 AM

Dearest Ashley

Thank you so much for writing me, truly that was the Holy Spirit that told you to write me, and I find it no coincidence this is the last chance to speak for that unborn child. It is no accident that you were led to this Ministry. How did you find it?

Please read this scripture found in Jer.1:4-5.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Can you see beloved little one, that this scripture plainly says our Creator knows us before that baby is even formed in your womb, and before that baby comes out of the womb if you pray over your baby it will be sanctified, and in another scripture it says YAHUVEH plans each day of that babies life before it is even born. In the above scripture Jerimiah was called to be a prophet unto the nations such as I am.

Ashley what if your baby is meant to be a prophet? What if that is the reason you were led to me another prophet? Did you read my testimony at

Beloved Ashley, I feel led to share this with you. My mother who is dead and in hell right now, tried to abort me when she was Pregnant with me she failed. After I was born and brought new born from the hospital she threw me down a small flight of stairs to kill me! My step father said he beat her up for that. Just think of that instead of even being brought safely from the hospital as a new born into a cozy crib, I was so rejected and she didn't want the responsibility so she tried to kill me and say she accidently dropped me. Ashely what would have happened if I had not of been born? Satan did not want me born he knew if I would be born I would be his enemy one day and be used as a evangelist that leads souls to Heaven all over the world and prophet to the lands! Ashley, I am telling you this because you don't know the plans that YAHUSHUA has ordained for your baby. You would not have me to write to right now if I had not been born, who would be pleading for that babies life?

I understand your young and don't want the responsibility of raising a child. Please realize that baby already that is in you can feel pain. Please realize this will be murder in GODS eyes if you have that abortion. If I could I would offer to raise your baby, that would be my hearts desire, before YAHUSHUA HE knows this is truth. However my husband and I live from one motel to another traveling and ministering and it would not be fair to the baby.

I am pleading with you don't kill that innocent child ! Where would you be if your mother had done this to you? Please allow your baby to be adopted there are so many loving couples who want a child and cannot have one. If you want I will even post your email on our ministry Site and ask if anyone wants to adopt your baby to contact me and then I will contact you. I am begging for the life of your beautiful baby that YAHUVEH allowed you to conceive.

Did you read the various ways that babies are murdered? Saline Solution that boils the skin right off the baby. In one ultra sound I saw a video of a baby trying to get away from what looked like a small vaccuam cleaner that was ripping the baby in shreds, the baby knew it was in danger and kept trying to get away from the instrument but it couldn't escape and it was ripped in pieces. No one hears the silent screams of the aborted unwanted murdered baby but YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA also called JESUS CHRIST DOES!

People talk about pro choice that is a lie! That baby did not choose to die! Please give me your phone number so we can talk. You won't hear at the abortion clinic what will happen after you have that abortion they won't tell you that your body will torment you with memories and dreams and everytime you see a baby you will remember in torment what you did. That baby can't be murdered unless you allow it. It takes two of you, the doctor and yourself to murder this baby. He can't do anything without your permission.

Poverty is no excuse for there are holy couples who can financially provide for that child and even help you in your pregnancy expenses. Please cancel that abortion appointment and give that baby a chance to live and not die. How can you allow a part of yourself to suffer and be executed like this? Read the prophecies given to me at

On the search engine type the word abortion and see what YAHUVEH our Creator says about this. in the ten commandments it is mistranslated it shouldn't read thou shall not kill, it should read thou shall not murder. Make no mistake Ashley abortion is murder and even at 15 years old you can understand this.

I love you in YAHUSHUA and I am trusting you will make the right decision and if I can be of any help please let me know. Send your phone number if you want to speak with me in person and I will call you. YAHUSHUA loves you! and HE loves that unborn baby of yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

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